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VES LLC Hires Phil Wills as ProgramManager in Troy, Michigan

PRESS RELEASE / March 1, 2021

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, March 1, 2021 – VES LLC is pleased to

announce today that Phil Wills has joined VES as Program Manager in Troy, Michigan,

a position representing VES’ strategic investment in growing their local presence in

Michigan and solving the DoD’s hardest software and systems integration challenges.

In this position, Phil will oversee a portfolio of projects, leading development and

execution of business strategies at the portfolio and project levels. He will also lead

outreach across social media, professional organizations, customers, and partners to

communicate VES’ value across horizontal and vertical market opportunities.

Prior to VES, Phil proved his Government contracting and leadership experience over

the past 20 years at Booz Allen Hamilton when he served as the Principal business

leader for the Army Weapons Ground portfolio at Booz Allen Hamilton and shaped, bid,

executed, and closed out over $350M in fully funded prime contracts over the past

seven years.

Before working at Booz Allen, Phil served as an Air Force Captain with four years of

active duty as a Systems Acquisitions Officer and as Environmental Information

Technology Program Manager. “We are very excited that Phil has joined VES and our

leadership team,” says VES CEO, Matt Vidovich. “He brings over 24 years of expertise

and relationships in the Department of Defense sector, making him an ideal person to

grow our Michigan defense business. I look forward to meeting client missions and

achieving our VES strategy goals with Phil as PM.”

Phil also has a Master and Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations

Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Phil is an active member of the Michigan Congressional Staffers Breakfast Steering

Committee Board. He previously served as a member/advisor for National Defense

Industrial Association (NDIA) Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology

Symposium (GVSETS) Executive Steering Committee, Troy Schools Business and

Education Roundtable, and the Booz Allen Hamilton Army Account Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion Team

About VES

VES LLC is a small business Headquartered out of Aberdeen Proving Ground,

Maryland with offices in Baltimore, MD, and Freehold, NJ. Established in 2014, our core

competencies are the development of custom Government off the Shelf (GOTS)

infrastructure solutions, integrating Mission Command systems, and prototyping

emerging technologies for use in the Army tactical architecture.

We are a company built entirely of engineers, focused completely on solving the DoD’s

hardest Software Systems Integration challenges. VES has specialized expertise in

building GOTS versions of embedded Linux for Army operating systems needs, and in

developing and deploying the Army Mission Command Infrastructure architecture.

Contact:       Matt Vidovich, CEO

Telephone:   (443) 595-7720


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